NOC vs SOC – What’s the Difference?

To remain competitive in the modern world of commerce, businesses need to offer users a robust online experience. In practical terms, this means that its website, applications or other online presence must be both easy to use and free from glitches. On top of that, they should offer complete confidence with regards [...]

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Why is the UK Worried about Huawei?

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei may still play a part in launching Britain’s 5G national network, despite concerns over the company’s security and integrity. In a news story published by the Daily Telegraph and fuelled by an anonymous leak, the National Security Council (NSC) has agreed last week to allow Huawei access [...]

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Are Elections at Risk from Cyber Crime?

With more and more of our daily interactions and transactions taking place online, the face of crime is now evolving to present more of a threat in cyberspace. Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly adept at infiltrating private databases and accessing sensitive information, and the UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt [...]

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3 Biggest Cyber Crimes of All Time

Cyber-crime is one of the biggest threats to businesses and individuals across the world. And it has been for some time. Over the past two decades, we’ve seen a number of high-profile hacks, breaches and leaks grabbing the headlines and causing disruption to huge organisations. For example, over 900 [...]

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5 Cyber Security Tips You Should Follow in 2019

In a world where online crime is becoming more and more advanced, cyber security tips are invaluable to both individuals and businesses. However, despite the threat of cyber-crime, many people are failing to take the necessary steps to protect themselves.   If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. In many cases, this is because the whole idea of cyber [...]

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How Were the World’s Richest Man’s Photos Leaked?

As the founder and CEO of global retail giants Amazon, you would assume Jeff Bezos had some pretty unbreakable cyber security in place. However, recent events seem to suggest otherwise. After having personal text messages leaked, Bezos has revealed how he was also threatened by American Media, Inc (AMI) [...]

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