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Cloud Email Firewall

Most breaches within the past few years have all originated from malicious emails. In fact over 90% of security incidents start this way. Investing in email security in our opinion is one of the greatest ways to reduce your threat profile.

Cloud Email Firewall analyses billions of emails every day aiming at identifying spam patterns in real time and blocking their entry. Suspicious email is quarantined for up to 28 days. Malware is withheld in the cloud, consequently ensuring that the company receives only clean email. Email filtering is designed to detect spam, phishing, malware and viruses in real time using advanced patterns and classifications techniques. As a result, exposure to zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats are kept to a minimum.

No migration costs required, immediate implementation, without having to worry about upgrades or scalability of your business, and with the peace of mind that your digital data is subject to European Union regulations.

Email Firewall


Administrators can configure the service to require outgoing mail delivered via TLS for certain targets, if it doesn’t allow secure channel, it should be returned to sender. Administrator can specify different targets:

a) By a complete email address.

b) By a domain.

c) By an IP address

The list of recipients to this requirement are set by administrator panel.

Administrators have more control over who can send emails on behalf of any company address, thanks to a validation sender form. When a validation is active, it is mandatory that match the following three elements:

a) Email address of the user who is authenticated with the service.

b) Electronic address given as part of the MAIL FROM command SMTP protocol.

c) The sender indicated in the mail header, also known as “Data from”

Protection against advanced and zero-day threats.

Email protection against phishing attacks, malicious software and spam.

Phishing attacks remain as one of greatest threats faced by corporations as malware is evolving under new forms of advanced and persistent threats. Not to forget, spam decreases the productivity of the companies. An email firewall makes possible to reduce the financial impact of receiving spam and malware by optimising the use of email-related technology infrastructures. The constant evolution of the spammers’ techniques calls for the use of an email firewall equipped with advanced filtering technologies that are constantly being updated. Bespoke detection techniques minimise exposure to zero-day threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Cloud Email Firewall is based on proprietary detection technologies that analyze billions of emails every day aiming at identifying Spam patterns in real time and blocking their entry. Malware is withheld at Spamina’s cloud, ensuring consequently that the company mail server receives only clean email. Suspicious email is quarantined in our data centres for up to 28 days. Spamina’s detection techniques minimize exposure to zero-day threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Simile Fingerprint Filter (SFF) is a Cloud Email Firewall feature that functions as follows: on a daily basis billions of emails are analysed in cloud data centres so that spam patterns can be identified. Based on its content email is then fingerprinted for classification and scrutinised in order to search & detect recurrence. Emails that share the same fingerprint while originating from different sources are considered an anomaly, thus reported to our central servers.

This spam detection technique differentiates and separates automatic bulk mailing from the legit corporate email that gets efficiently delivered. The process is further supplemented by adding extra anti-virus filtering layers and some other content filtering techniques ensuring spam, phishing, virus, malware and advanced threats are minimised.

Administrators can set up rules based in granular policies for inbound & outbound email and fix a wide range of actions based on message attributes and content.

The content filtering engine provides the definition of corporate policies without changing the way employees use their email. Optionally Cloud Email Security Suite includes the ability to add our advanced encryption and DLP modules for confidential data protection requiring encryption in communications.

New version adds improvements in the rules engine such as the option of selecting MIME-type attachments or the possibility of adding logical operators when applying a rule sequence.

Cloud Email Firewall includes by default Cloud Email Continuity ensuring service goes on even in case of mail server outage. It provides with email spooling, backup and and webmail access in order to maintain productivity while the service is restored. This comes at no additional cost.

Email spooling: If your email server suffers an outage, Cloud Email Firewall will automatically keep all incoming email for up to four days, creating a safety net so no email is lost.

Automatic Email Backup: Cloud Email Firewall backup automatically keeps safety copies for up to 28 days, enabling users to recover false positives or accidentally deleted emails when needed. The administrator has the option to configure this option ad hoc.

Webmail: Integrated email access via Webmail enabling users to keep working even under email server outage.

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