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Some of the questions that we frequently get asked we have answered below. As always you can contact us if you have any other queries.

We are very good at what we do and will take the cyber security of your organisation seriously. We have worked for several high-profile customers in the defence and central government sectors. We aim to provide that same level cyber security to you at a cost-effective price. Don’t settle for a company who have diversified into cyber security from IT Support.

If you are connected to the internet, then ultimately the answer is yes. A cyber-attack can do many things to a business such as take it offline, steal intellectual property or even damage your reputation. Most of the effects are extremely inconvenient and ultimately end up costing your business money.

SOC stands for Security Operations Centre. Its purpose is to detect and respond to threats, keeping the information held on systems and networks secure. To identify and address negligent or criminal behaviours and to derive business intelligence about user behaviours.

Yes, our professional services team can attend you site and review your SOC. From there we can suggest improvements to your people, process or technology.

Yes, we are SOC SMEs and not recruiters. We have a pool of trusted experts ready to go. whether it is a 3 month period or 12 month period we can get you the correct person for the job.

You may need a SOC if you are running a business online, you host sensitive information on customers, or you need to protect your intellectual property.

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Magenta Network Security have provided Professional Services for 6 years. They are a rare breed whose skills cross technical, managerial and social . They were extremely capable and presentable. I would happily engage with them again.

Maria C, Computer Science Corporation

Excellent! Amazed with their detailed knowledge & experience in information security . Kev’s presence always brings a positive energy in the working environment.

Martin W, Symantec