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SOC Design Process

Our SOC design service is something we have nurtured using our experience of designing and building Security Operations Centres for government and corporate clients over the years. We have found the whole process a little over inflated, tedious and expensive.

To that end, we have developed a more stream lined process that involves:

  1. Requirements Capture
  2. Risk Profiling
  3. Network asset and tooling assessment
  4. Design Completion
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Requirements Capture

Talk to us about any specifics your SOC must have. How large and skilled your team will be, how you will handle and remediate incidents. Understanding your budget can impact what logs you collect or don’t as well as what type of log Security Incident & Event Manager (SIEM) we suggest.

Risk Profiling

Here is where we gain an understanding of your business activities, risks, your business-critical assets and how your reputation matters to your customers. This will assist us when developing your SOC design. After all your risk profile is why your building a SOC in the first place.

Network Asset and Tooling Assessment

A SOC is dependant on log information. Logs can be collected from a multitude of sources including host machines, anti-virus, network devices, servers and security technologies. Understanding the types of logs available will drive how your SOC will function.

Our consultants will assess what logs will be useful to you to achieve your goals and remain within your budget. The more logs you collect the more your analysts must look at and the more license and storage you will need.

SOC Design

Once the above stages are complete, we can get to work on your Security Operations Centre design. This will be delivered to you by the agreed method and format you require. We can retain an encrypted backup in case it gets lost or damaged by request.

Our other services include:

Start your SOC journey

Talk to us about your requirements, your risks and your ambitions today. We can design your SOC to be best of breed.

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