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Virtual SOC

As you can imagine there are many ways to monitor your network, and just as many types of data sources that can be monitored. Along with that building a team that can hit the ground running is no mean feat. One way to obtain the goals you want is to build you network monitoring solution in the cloud. This can be achieved securely with many of the modern day Security Information and Event Managers (SIEM) working well within a virtual environment. Our virtual SOC can monitor your network for signs of:

  • Network activity
  • Signs of data ex filtration
  • File modifications, deletions and creation
  • User Access
  • Malicious activity
  • Host availability
  • Abnormal Activity
SOC Cloud

Operating Models

How your system will be monitored once a solution is in place is up to you. We can provide a full monitoring service, provide a monitoring overview to your existing on site staff or train your staff to do it. We are flexible and our multitude of options can help your budget, we can trim down the logs to only the ones you truly care about to save on license cost. We can provide monitoring as much or as little as you like ensuring the cost of monitoring fits your budget.

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Ready to Monitor Your System?

Let’s discuss the best options to monitor what you feel the risks are within your network. We can suggest a cost effective solution that meets your needs.

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